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Miechów acquired city rights in 1290. The Municipality and City of Miechów are located in Miechowska Uplands. Situated at the national route No. 7, within 40 km distance from Krakow, the City of Miechów boasts a well developed railway network. Nature reserves: “Lipny Dół” in vicinity of Książ Wielki, “Babia Góra” in Tunel, and “Złota Góra” in Jaksice.

A significant number of Miechów's residents are graduates of schools of higher education. One of the region’s assets is considerable agricultural potential. All public utility institutions of the municipality are located in Miechów, along with numerous companies, as the city offers conditions conducive to development of business operations.

Many organizations run their operations in Miechów, the most ancient of which is 105 years old "Sygnał" Brass Band.

Among remaining organizations are: Miechów Society of Year 1163, "U Jaksy" Gallery of Art Exhibition Office of Małopolska Region, and Association for Historic Monuments Restoration. In vicinity of the Old Market Square there is a zero-category historic monument – minor Basilica. The church and monastery of Holy Sepulchre Order was founded in 1163 by Jaksa of the Gryfici family. The monastery was the first advocate of the idea and cult of the Holy Sepulchre in Poland and in Europe. St. Vit, Modest, and Crescence Church in Nasiechowice and a wooden temple of Mother of Church in Przesławice are worth a visit.

An important local personage was also Maciej of Miechów, doctor of medicine, canon, astrologist, historian, who was elected eight times as Rector of the Academy of Krakow.

You are heartily welcome to visit our Municipality and City of Miechów.

Urząd Gminy i Miasta Miechowa
ul. Sienkiewicza 25
32-200 Miechów
tel. 41 383 00 40, 41 383 10 03 
e-mail: gmina@miechow.eu

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